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Welcome to my world, my work... my desk!

That's right, my desk is my life, my "happy place," where I'm most at ease and where it all happens.
I'm Zoe, a freelance graphic designer looking for creative people to collaborate with on design projects nationwide - both for agencies and individuals. I specialise in identity and branding, front-end web design, literature and design for print, e-marketing and lots more. Based in Blackpool, I am willing to travel far and wide if the right project awaits.

Making things look great is my
sole purpose in life... however, I never lose sight that all graphic design, whilst it can be fun and creative, should be well-considered, developed and polished.

It's simple, great marketing sells itself. Which is why I'll say no more and hopefully my work will do the talking - have a browse through my website and if you like what you see, get in touch.